What kind of hardware does cTrix use?

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COMING SOON! A limited edition cTrix cassette ft. a whole load of old tunes from the 90's and some of the new tunes too.
Will come in waves as good quality cassette stock is hard to find.


SIDE A : PARTY SIDE - The original 5 track "ULTIM8" cassette (1995) + additional NEW tunes / remixes
SIDE B : CHILL SIDE - The original B side of "ULTIM8" (1995) + new tunes.


Dedicated 1st GENERATION recordings onto Chrome position TDK tapes using Tascam hardware at 1:1 speed.
Maybe a bit hissy compared to MP3 or Flac, but warm sound and great on low & high end cassette decks. NO DOLBY

Cassette lables are hand written - cover is custom printed and numbered.