What kind of hardware does cTrix use?

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A limted edition of 50 units : USB vs. bottle opener. Version 1.0 Contains tons of cTrix music, video and software.
Only available at Blip 11. Version 2 to be released later in 2011 (if you you miss out or if you life outside the US).


More tunes than you can poke a stick at. Mostly in MP3. Main tunes in FLAC

- NEW Amiga works from 2010 / 2011
- Recent unreleased Amiga works from 2005 - 2010
- Early Amiga works 1991 - 1996
- ALL Gameboy works
- 2 x Live shows


- Soundbytes gigs
- Blip open mic 2009
- Amiga demos (animation)
- Amiga Tutorials (file transfer, boot disks, software and tracking)
- Atari 2600 tracker tutorials


- PRE RELEASE of Atari-X-MOD tracking software. Make your own tunes on Atari 2600
- Folder of Amiga floppies (Selfbooting and ft. MOD files ready to play) as ADF files.
- Guides to configuring Amiga emulator on PC and Mac